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detox yarn

Change is most difficult but also most effective when it happens at the root of a problem. This is why we are now working with Italy’s Prato region to Detox the companies that supply renowned fashion brands, including Gucci, Prada and Armani.

As of today, 20 companies in the Prato textile district, the oldest in Italy, have joined the Greenpeace Detox campaign. They have already made great strides to remove hazardous chemicals from their factories and they are eager to make more.

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treedom cresce

Along with a group of companies of the CPF, we set out on this path by defining a Charter of Values fir Sustainability which is articulated on several points:

  • Traceability in the supply chain: from the procurement of raw materials to the last phase of working inside or outside the company
  • Meeting standards and international conventions on human rights
  • Respect and dignity of life of every living thing
  • Protection of the environment and biodiversity: limiting the environmental impact of production with use and prudent management of chemical substances
This first step will follow, always on a voluntary basis, other actions to implement in practice the values ​​in which we recognized and the goals we set ourselves.

It 's inevitable that the production process becomes fully sustainable in relation to consumers, customers, employees and the entire community, and because of the path we have undertaken, will become reality quickly

treedom cresce

With TREEDOM Industria Italiana Filati renews and supports a project in Africa.

In a region of Senegal were planted fruit trees directly from the farmers who will benefit from the fruit. Planting trees means putting the roots, living in the rhythm of nature and help the planet Earth.

This is our forest!

"All things and actions exist in Nature are perfect"
B. Spinoza

premiazione group
In 2014, for the fifth year in a row, Toscana Promozione, Pitti Immagine, Consorzio Promozione Filati and the most important italian yarn producers will promote a contest for knitwear designers.

The goal is to support young international designers who will be able to create the most original knit creation, endorsing the most precious Italian yarns in the Autumn Winter 2015-2016.

This year, the winner was Matilda Norberg, one of the students coming from the Royal College of Art in London. Matilda, tutored by Industria Italiana Filati, received the award directly from Raffaello Napoleone, Pitti Immagine CEO, Gianfranco Simoncini and Francesco Lucchesi, the President of CPF.

premiazione matila

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